Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Easy-share.Com - file hosting that pay you..

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In my last post, i wrote about free image hosting that you can earn some money by using it.Easy-share.com is the free file hosting.It allow you to upload a file up to 100mb file in size.It will remain in it's hosting until 1 month from the last download.The best thing,they provide various way to upload our files.

You can upload your file using either one from this three ways:

Web upload
Use the form on the right to upload right now.

Ftp upload
To use ftp upload, you'll have tocreatea free account.
Ftp server: upload.easy-share.com
Use login and password of your account.
You can resume interrupted uploads and retrieve a list of uploaded files without leaving a ftp session.

Upload using our software
Don't have ftp software? Use EasyUploader!
This freeware makes file uploads even easier. You select as many files you want to upload and click the Upload button.

For more information,please go through this link.Thanks a lot...

Upload your file instantly!!!

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