Friday, October 06, 2006

Hallo world,

This is my first step to enter the world of blogging..I create this place on purpose to share to you my best website or blog that i have found while i am surfing through the internet.This is only my opinion and you have your own dicision weather to accept it or not.For those have their own best ever website that want to share with me and the other.You can just e-mail me and give brief explaination,why you say it a best website or blog.You can just tell us,what are the speciality of that website or blog (webblog a.k.a. weblog).And,give some picture too if you can.My e-mail?This is my e-mail awqizar(at)gmail(dot)my.That's all for now guys.hopefully i have enough time to update this blog frequently.My target,to make this blog as a best blog among the best.

Thank you..

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