Friday, November 16, 2007

Bugatti Veyron Vs. Jet Fighter,the fastest?

This is from johnchow the money maker,everything he wrote all about money LOL.When he compare Bugatti Veyron Vs. Jet Fighter,he adds 'money' in his post.Tough,this is the creative ways to keep he niche.But the matter is,the fastest?Can guess?Jet fighter right but maybe your guess is wrong,who knows.Below video know!

Bugatti Veyron Vs. Jet Fighter

Android on iPod touch.

Can you imagine when Android,I means open source for mobile not robot on your iPod touch made by apple?Before,maybe you have heard android on iPhone or others mobile phone.

But,that is interesting when this android can take you iPod touch.Actually,this is of course not real but just want to give you some idea how its look.

Some guys at castfortwo grabbed some android UI at engadget, cutted and make-over it on iPod touch.Well,seems like the real one though with some works of photoshop.I don't know.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creative way to demolish a building.

Demolish a building involve the used of high amount of explosives.But there is a unique ways to start this demolish where there pre-demolish.Well,there is some fireworks before its happen.See this very interesting video.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Call Of Duty 4 trailer in XBox 360 and PS3(video)

XBox 360 is from Microsoft while PS3 from Sony,of course this two game device has its advantage and disadvantage depends on the user wether they prefer XBox or PS3.

Maybe the feature user choose is how great this device when come in term of graphic.The best device that have best graphic will make the player more feel like inside the game itself.

Maybe this video trailer of Call of Duty 4 will show use what device has grater ability in graphic processing;

The world record man-made tornado.

According to engadget and Ohgizmo!,this man made tornado built in multi-story gallery of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany.

The main purpose for this tornado is to stop fire from burning this gallery when a fire happen instead become tourist attraction.

With 34.4meter height,it's officially become the largest man-made tornado by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Some pictures of this amazing yet not dangerous man-made tornado;

man-made tornado for above man-made tornado for below

And video of this tronado when its work.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Learn how to combine differents RSS feeds into one.

By using Yahoo! pipes,we can combine multiple feeds from differents blog or website into one and syndicate it again.This is a simple video tutorial on how we can use this great tool made by labnol.

Web2.0 - we are using it or being used?

A many years ago, web only build from HTML and it's only a static web page.But now,with the development of web programming such as PHP,XML,Java and others.It's become so interactive with us.Maybe this video can give you the clear view of Web2.0.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thumbalizr.Com - thumb your blog or web image.

With thumbalizr you can take screenshots of any webpage you want.Use it for your presentations, documentations, visualizations or your web page.

thumbalizr.comJust enter the target-URL and press the "thumb it"-button. Wait a moment and a screenshot of the desired page will be taken. You can choose between a screenshot with a fixed height of the screen or the complete webpage.

That's it! Just click one of the resolution-links (320, 640, 800, 1024 or 1280 pixel width) to download your screenshot.

Jackbook.Com - wordpress-based templates for blogger.

Are searching for a new template?Template that wordpress user used but don't find it until today.As all know, wordpress has a lot of beautiful theme and of course we envy them very much right.

But not until now, you can used their theme also in blogger.At, you will find the latest and famous only theme of wordpress.Beside theme, they also have many hack to make your blogger blog more likely as wordpress one.

Such as comment just under your post not like usual blogger comment, that pop-up comment and put your relevant post just under your post also.Actually, there are more hacks in this website.Maybe you will stick to that web till the end, i don't know.

This blog used theme made by Malaysian blogger and converted by jackbook.Maybe i will use this template for a long time.So go to jackbook and get your new based-wordpress theme.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My new blog:

Hello guys, is has been 18 days since my last update. For badminton, Malaysia does not win anything.

For your information, i've been with my new blog at Feel free to visit me their ok. An for my new blog, i will write the article using my own langguage but don't hesitate to read my article!You read can using the translator right?

My new blog is still fresh yet and need more time to fix it's bug and also add some more useful plug-in. So, feels free to go to my new website and give a comment how to improve my new blog look or contents.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Google recently revamped Blogger, transforming the lagging product into a full-featured blog platform. With its quick initial setup and point-and-click template switching, Blogger most resembles WordPress, but it sets itself apart with its savvier handling of third-party plug-ins and online videos.

Blogger one-ups WordPress with the ability to modify templates, allowing you to drag and drop 12 different page modules onto them. You can also drop in external RSS feeds such as Yahoo news feeds, AdSense ads, blogrolls, and third-party HTML and JavaScript applications (such as Meebo's IM window). You can even customize your CSS by hand, which unfortunately is necessary if you want to add an image to your blog header.

In addition, you can post photos from your camera phone, blog using the mobile client, or send posts to a special e-mail address. The software sports a comprehensive set of controls and features for posts, comments, and feeds, and presents them in a simple interface that clearly explains what each does.

While Blogger will let you host your blog at your own Web site (including subdirectories and subdomains) by FTPing posts to your site, many of the new customizable layouts and modules will not work with external domains. Google says this arrangement may change soon, which would make Blogger a fantastic choice for small businesses wanting to add a new blog to an old site without spending much time customizing it.

On the other hand, WordPress's logging and statistics features put Blogger, which offers neither, to shame. It's especially embarrassing since Google Analytics is one of the best free offerings on the market. Fortunately, Blogger lets you paste Google Analytics code into its CSS, but the fact that it isn't baked in is a big oversight.

Nevertheless, Blogger is a great option for anyone who wants to trick out a blog with third-party ads and applications, or who wants to blog for dollars through Google's AdSense program. If it ever lets you use its design customization on third-party servers, it will be a fantastic way to run a blog on your own site without having to maintain and update blog software.

[via PCWorld]

MyBlaBla: For me, blogger have a lot of potentials to grow widely like wordpress if google allows the users to contribute in it's development or receive some opinion and thinks to do it. But the important part is blogger dare to change!Outside they, many blogger hacks created by the user to enable inordinary blogger do the ordinary things.

Proton-WBF World Championships 2007

Chong Wei against Eric Pang. Chong Wei won 21-7, 21-11.

The World Championships is the main individual tournament in the Badminton World Federation's annual calendar. It offers sponsors an association with an exciting and popular sport and extensive exposure worldwide through television and media coverage. Badminton is a very television friendly sport as viewers can follow the pace and action of the game clearly. Venues are also visually attractive on television as the Badminton World Federation has introduced strict rules and guidelines on the colour scheme of court settings and players apparel.

The story of WBF World Championships
History of badminton in Malaysia
WBF World Championships winners

[via Proton-WBF World Championships 2007 official website]

For the live results and score, you can go to this website.and for the up-to-date news about the championships, you can visit here.

Schedule of the tournament:

Monday 13 August 2007
1st Round
1 9:00AM
2 2:00PM
3 6:00PM

Tuesday 14 August 2007
1st Round
1 9:00AM
2 2:00PM
3 6:00PM

Wednesday 15 August 2007
2nd Round
1 9:00AM
2 6:00PM

Thursday 16 August 2007
3rd Round
1 12:00PM
2 6:00PM

Friday 17 August 2007
Quarter Finals 3:00PM

Saturday 18 August 2007
Semi Finals 2:00PM

Friday 19 August 2007
Finals 2:00PM

Wira new generation! Proton Pesona

The launch of the new Proton Persona has been long-awaited and departing from its usual paranoia and super-secrecy (which even led to getting the police involved when spy pictures of the Gen2 appeared on the Net), many details of the new model were made public well before today – including price indications. This is the right way of marketing and it didn’t take a genius to figure that out because people will find out one way or another before a model hits the market and rather than keep them in the dark so they will hesitate – and many do with Proton – providing advance information about a product – even a single image – can make a difference to their decision. So it’s not surprising that at least 2,200 bookings have already been received as of last night and even more impressive, 350 customers can start driving their Persona today.

Earlier, Proton had hinted that the new model might not be called a ‘Gen2 Sedan’, as most people assumed, even though it is using the same platform and styling. Instead a new name – Persona – has been chosen and when you consider how significant the changes made are to turn the Gen2 into a sedan, it seems justified that the model should get its own name.

'Persona’ is not exactly new to Proton as it was used for the Wiras sold in UK and Australia and in some ways, its adoption for this new model is appropriate. Using Wira was felt to be unsuitable because that model, Proton’s second one, was based on the Mitsubishi Lancer and Proton wants to break away from that era so a new name is necessary even though the Persona can be considered the true WRM (Wira Replacement Model).

[via MotorTrader]

FAQs On the Specifications, Design and Quality Standard

Is this a Mitsubishi based model?
No, since the Waja, there has not been any Mitsubishi-based model.

Is this new car running on the Campro engine?
Yes, it is running on the Proton Campro Engine, with improved TCU for better performance.

What is the engine specification?
1.6L – Max Power: 82kw (110bhp) @ 6000rpm
Max Torque 148NM @ 4000rpm

What is the standard service interval?
Every 10,000km.

Can I test drive before buying?
Yes, please visit the nearest Proton showroom for test drives.

What colours will be available?
Iridescent White, Solid Red, Light Gold, Tranquility Black, Metal Grey&Blueberry Tea.Solid White will be available from September 2007 onwards.

[via Proton-edar]

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Populair.Eu - One page for all information.

Wanna know a web page listed the best link of websites, blogs, rsses or search engines that give you the source of information?Yes, one web page and all links for your knowledge!Crazy huh?

No, it's for real guys. is a website give you all links you need to feed your geeky mind. But don't overload your mind with those links or you will become crazy too as they said:

'Where do you get all those cool crazy hot fresh new links from?'
From this page, you can get the latest news, videos, gadgets, post, blog, weblog and all of thing you wanna know in only a single web page.

What offers you?

This is what they listed :
  • Buzzing Bookmarks
  • Search engines, Counter and Link directories
  • How and Why Gadgets
  • Top list sites
  • Hot and popular Videoz
  • News, Stories, Smalltalk
  • Vibrating Feed Nodes
  • Online Friends
  • Blogs that start Buzzing
  • Books and papers
  • Wuzzing Weblog posts and Wiezing Weblogs
  • Also interesting

Monday, July 30, 2007

Flvix.Com - Online video converter.

Ok, have you tried in my last post. Have comments and want to share other website that offer the same function as vixy do?Feel free to do it and i trult appreciate. is the other service as, offer the same function as I thinks, it's clone of it's concept). It's good for us right?Having a various of choice.

How to use it as flvix recommend:
  1. Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it in the textbox bellow.
  2. Choose desired format : AVI(windows), MOV(mac), MP4(mobile), 3GP(iPod,PSP), MP3(audio).
  3. Click Convert button.
  4. Download the converted file.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Vixy.Net - Online Youtube .flv video format converter.

Nowadays, everything is online. From send an electronic mail to your friend till control your desktop from the other place through remote desktop application, these you can do it online. There are a lot of applications enable you to do this that help us to make our life more easier.

We are always watch online video at youtube. You watch an interesting video, the cool one or make you heart beat fast than usual. And something come to your mind, how can i download and play that video but your pc or laptop doesn't have any
software to do it. You really want to keep it! But how?

So, here is your solution. Why not convert that video online to playable format and download it to your hard disk. can do those thing for you! It's quite easy. Copy your youtube url than open Paste your url at the blank box then press start. Before that, make sure you have set what type of video format you want. Currently, allow you to convert online video from *.flv format to avi, mov, mp4 or 3gp and also, audio format *.mp3. Very simple huh?

About this service:

This service allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. It is using a compressed domain transcoder technology (outline in Japanese). It converts FLV to MPEG4 faster and less lossy than a typical transcoder.

When you submit an url, it will download and convert to the video format. Then you can download the converted file.

FLV to MPEG4 Conveter engine is now OpenSource. You can download the source code via subversion:

For Windows users: Please install DivX to play DivX AVI.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The come back...

After almost 3 months i haven't post any writing or reply any comment, this is my first post. Sorry for not being able to update this blog, sorry for not being able to reply any comments.

What i have done in this few month? Huhu..I am a university student and almost graduate, i have 2 semester yet. So in the last 2 month, i did my practical. It is quite boring but i have to do this crap because it will be counted into my pointer. Then do the report and give thepresentation about my practical. Finally, i have finished it.

And what i do in the remain of 1 month? Huhu..Registering my ip address to get the internet connection and waiting for 2 weeks. Today, i get the connection!(Well, after i emailed the problem with my LAN connection to the staff)

So, today and coming the present day. I will try to frequently update this blog. Please supporting me guys. Thanks a lots...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yahoo Messenger and Upcoming - Yahoo new product s to compete with Google?

Nowadays,there are a lot websites offer various types of products to the surfer.Such as google offer a lot of useful products or options to the user likes blogger,Gmail,earth or blog search where you can get it here and explore it as depth as you want.

But don't forget Yahoo.Com,they are also provide service or tools to user like yahoo search.And if you don't know,Yahoo.Com also provide two more addition of the services to user for free!

As far as i knows,they has released Yahoo Messenger through the internet,Webmessenger and Upcoming,community for discovering and sharing events.

Webmessenger is a
Yahoo messenger new version but web-based.So,you don't need install YM software in your pc or laptop to enable you chatting with your friends.

Upcoming is a community for discovering and sharing events. It can help you find stuff to do, discover what your friends are doing, or let you keep private events online for your own reference.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WebBlogDirectory Newsletter - 1 April 2007

This is the first newsletter of WebBlogDirecory.Here,i make a list of posts that i have wrote in the last month.

It'll make you as a my reader to know the posts that i have written and easily access it.

If you want to get the latest issue,feel free to insert you e-mail in the form at right sidebar and hit the enter button.Enjoy your reading!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Digpagerank.Com and Google PR update!

So,this is my first post update after i live this blog to concentrate in my study and exam for almost one week.And,i only have one paper more to answer.Haha...

Actually,i want to write this article shortly after i notice this blog have pagerank(PR) from egg to PR4!When i know my blog got PR4,so i think Google has update their PR.

Actually,i have read an article about Google PR update at Natewhitehill.Com blog about 2weeks back and i am wondering,when Google will update their PR.

So about 3days back,i go to menj others blog and read his article about Google PR again.It makes me go to my blog and check weather Google PR has update or not.

When i go to this precise blog,i smile and shock!Thanks god!Haha.I got PR4 and i don't know what to say.I just hoping this blog only get PR other than egg.Thanks a lot guys for supporting me.

If you want to make sure what PR you get,you can go here.Digpagerank.Com is the website that will check your PR from 700 datacenters!And when you hit enter,you will get the result within a few second.Because,some of other PR checkers need you to wait until a minute to know the your PR.What a waste!

For ranking higher in search engines require efforts in SEO.
Today seo is mostly about link building and for these campaigns pagerank is very important.
Check your pagerank rank with digpagerank in over 700 datacenters.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Comeeko.Com - create your own photo strips...

You like reading?What type of medium do you read?News,gossip,sport or comic?Yeah,comic.I like comic especially manga,comic from jepun.And i love naruto manga.Heee...

A comic strip is a drawing or sequence of drawings that tells a story. Written and drawn by a cartoonist, such strips are published on a recurring basis (usually daily or weekly) in newspapers and on the Internet.


Unfortunately,you don't know how to draw your own comic or character.But,instead of using drawing you can use photo as your comic strips.And,i believe it's make more live and fun.You have a lot of picture to be your comic strips.Then,you can go to Comeeko.Com!Comeeko.Com offer you an option to create your own photo strips online and without using any single software to be installed in your pc.

Before you can be eligible to use this option,you need to register with Comeeko.Com for free!Then,you can make a lot of photo strips design by yourself.

Here is sample of the best photo strips for me.It's about american idol.

You like this?Feel free to go here.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pikipimp.Com - add some'thing' to your face...

Do you have camera?Old one or modern one,i don't care as long as it's camera.And you have a lot of picture taken with you camera but your picture is just simple,with no graphic.Of course you want to add some graphic but you don't know how to you photoshop or others photo editing software.

But,you still want some graphic to your picture!So,why not to try Pikipimp.Com.Website that enable you to add some blings,text,glitter and animation to your picture especially your cute or handsome face.Pikipimp.Com allow you to add some graphic to your picture and edit it online!So,you don't need to install any single software to your pc.

How to use those thing?

It's free to use this option but if you register,you will get member benefit.
Why would you become a member?

Its Free and Easy!

You can easily become a member by entering your email address and choosing a password.

As a member you can :
* Store and edit images previously uploaded
* Vote for your favourite pimped pik
* Add comments about other peoples pimped piks
* Create a profile

For more information,you can directly go here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The others thing i do...

Hello guys,sorry for not updating this precious blog for several day.Actually,i have several work to do before i go to holiday.Haha...

For your information,i have two other blog to manage and currently i am looking forward to collect as much as possible material to be added at my blog post.I have others two blog which is and you know where i can get the material to these blogs,you can simply leave a comment and i'll thank it.

Beside,i am still a student and now i have final exam.So,i have to concentrate in my final exam.Read,read and read.That is what i do lately.Gush,it's boring but i have to do it.Huhu.Wish me luck!

But,don't feel sad guys.I'll try to update this blog as i can.And,please do support me.That's all my speech for now.Thank for reading this bored article.Haha.

My project:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blogger Award?Is they really exist?

Award for blogger?Exist?If that your question,the answer is yes!There are awards for blogger.

Recently,i found more that three websites that make an award for blogger based on varies category of topic.

Some of this award depends on vote to choose the winner and others use judges.Take a look at those website that i found.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Websitescreenshots.Com - snap your website picture...

In my last post,i wrote about a website named Snat.Ch where offer users an option to capture their website or blog screenshots online !You can go here to read more about that website.

Now,there is another option we can use to capture our web page.Websitescreenshots.Com offer users an option to take the screeshots of their web page using a software provide by them.

The difference between Snat.Ch and Websitescreenshots.Com is Snat.Ch only take the screenshots that appear on your browser.That means,you maybe get half picture of your web page.While using Websitescreenshots.Com,you can get the whole picture of your web page.


WebShot is a program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites. It comes with a command line interface for advanced users. The following image formats are supported JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

For downloading this software and to get more information about it,feel free to go here.

p/s:Maybe there is some bug while you using it.

Launchy.Net - forget your start button and try this new way...

Since we know windows os from the starting,we always use start button to start our desired program or to close our pc.Are you bored or feel sick to do it again and again for the rest of your life?

Scroll your mouse to start button,click it.Then scroll to your desired program and click it again as usual.Ahhh,it's boring guys.

Try this new way!Why not to use keystrokes to open certain program since we use it the whole of our life for typing.Keystroke has it's own potential guys.

How to use keystroke to open your program?
Just download a software named launchy!

Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!


You can download the software at launchy official website or at this link.Launchy also have skins to be downloaded.

For mac user,please go here to know about asimilar software.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Squidoo.Com - page that sell...

Squidoo?!What the ****?Is't a kind of weird sound?Yeah right!But,it can help you a lots.Sell your thing at eBay,sell your ebook and also boost your affiliate earning.Bla.Bla.Bla.

Squidoo.Com is web that give you a page of lens about you and your life.You can do what ever you want to do with it.You can make a friend,share your interest with other,write an article about the latest geeks or anything.Squidoo.Com is a another miracle from web2.0!

Some people(i believe a lot of people)used it to boost the traffic to their web or blog.Squidoo.Com can be used as a medium of advertisement.It can promote your web/blog with a small effort if you do it correctly.


A lens is one person's view on a topic that matters to her. It's an easy-to-build, single web page that can point to blogs, favorite links, RSS feeds, Flickr photos, Google maps, your eBay auctions, CafePress designs, Amazon books or music, and more. Then, when someone is looking for recommended information, fast, your lens gets him started and sends him off in the right direction. Win, win!

Build one lens, build a hundred. It's fast, fun, and free. (And you could earn a royalty--for you or for charity). What are you waiting for!


Great question! Here are just a few reasons to get you creative muses flowing:

• Share the knowledge: When you know a lot about something, it feels good to share. Help other people discover what you found out the hard way.

• Increase your profile: A popular lens gives credibility to the Lensmaster. A popular lens reinforces your role as an "everyday expert." And a popular lens makes you the go-to authority for those looking for help.

• Increase your traffic: Your lens points (if you want it to) to your blog and to your website. Lenses have huge credibility with search engines, so your lens can help your other sites rise to the top of Google searches.

• Earn a royalty for you, your organization, or your favorite charity. Think of the royalty as a bonus--and don't quit your dayjob yet! A single lens might not earn a lot, but if you imagine hundreds of lenses working to your favor, or fundraising for a charity, it can really start to add up.

My Lens

How can you boost your traffic,increase your earning and promote your product?
It's simple,you can join Squidoosecrets.Com for free!

What you get?
You will get theses manuals with no cost:

Everyone Is An Expert, by Seth Godin. (PDF)
The Best Advertising Money Can't Buy, by Bob The Teacher. (PDF)
20 Secrets For High Profit Lists. (PDF)
InstantBuzzMastery. (PDF)
Paulie Sabol Interviews Bob The Teacher mp3 with transcript in PDF.
"How Do You Do, Squidoo?" Orientation Guide To Squidoo. (PDF)

All those thing you will get with no cost just a little effort and desire to do it.

So,what are you waiting for guys?!To join Squidoo.Com,you can go here and to reveal the squidoo potential,feels free to go here.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snap Preview Anywhere Extreme MakeOver Contest Winners Announced!

My last post about or snap preview anywhere is at February 28 and now it's already April 12,about a month ago.A wrote an article about a contest held by,extreme makeover contest.

And a got an e-mail while ago announced who is the winner of the extreme-makeover-contest.But i have no luck,i didn't get any prize.

When i read the winner suggestion,they have a good idea to make snap become more useful to the blogger or webmaster.The winner is the person who get the highest vote from the other participants.

Response to the Snap Preview Anywhere Extreme MakeOver Contest far exceeded all expectations—nearly 500 ideas, 1000 votes, and 400 comments.

But,they also two contestant who are cheating in this program.And their participation has been canceled by the admin.

And the winners aren’t…

Two contestants tried to cheat the system by registering multiple email accounts and voting for their own ideas repeatedly. It was pretty obvious. We did what we had to and disqualified them. Which is a shame, because their ideas were among the best received.

You can go here to check weather you are the winner or not.For the winner,congratulation...

Sat-gps-locate.Com - locate your friend through mobile phone...

You want to locate,where is your friend.What is she or he doing?Do you have laptop with internet connection?Then,just type at your url browser and hit enter button.

Then at this website,please go 'Track a phone number here'.Select your country by scrolling up or down.To write you mobile phone number,please type your country code first then followed by your number.Finally,hit 'start searching button'.

Within a few second,you will know where is your friend be and what he or she is doing.Hopefully,you don't use this option in a wrong time or something will happen.Hehe...

GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network

Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones using GPS and GSM technology

We are not responsible for possible tracking errors that may occur.

Approximate margin of error:
10 meters (max.) for mobile phones in Europe and the U.K.
25 meters (max.) for mobile phones in the U.S.A., South America and Canada.
50 meters (max.) for mobile phones elsewhere.
This system will not work in countries without GSM technology networks.

After try this,please tell me what have you seen.Hehe...

Monday, April 09, 2007

GahooYoogle - two search engine in one...

Search Google & Yahoo at the same time.

Why to use GahooYoogle?
Try the easiest search yet.
Save your time, get more results in less time.
Your search will be faster and more reliable.

How to remember the name and spelling of GahooYoogle?
A little "poem", you will never forget GahooYoogle:
Write Yahoo then Google
Make the Y and G Toggle
Never forget GahooYoogle

This how your search lookalike.I try to search webblog directory.Hehe...

Crazyegg.Com - a website that tracking...

You have a lot of blog or single one blog or website.And,you use your website to generate money from it.But,you earn a small amount of revenue.So what you do?You should make some improvement to your site,i guess so.

But,how can you make those thing without knowing what type of improvement you should do.One of the main subject you should know is,what are people click on you website?Where is the high click on the page receive higher click than the other?

So,what website offer you such option?Don't know?I'll tell but please don't tell anyone.LOL.Crazyegg.Com is the website has option to track the click you receive form your website easily.By knowing the click you receive,you can evaluate the result and make some improvement with it.It's easy for to get this service and it's free.Just sign up for using Crazyegg.Com...

What can Crazyegg.Com do for you?

Test different versions of a page to see which works better
Discover which ad placement gives the best results
Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper
Learn which content leads to improved sales

Test Setup
Create a test so you can learn what visitors are doing on your page

Prevent the tracking of your own clicks

A simple way to view your results and see what happened

RSS and Email Notifications
Keep yourself updated on how your tests are doing

Learn more about the clicks on each element of your page

Get a detailed summary of your click data in a single view

Automatically archived reports
Test results are automatically saved so you can view them later

That are what you get for free account.For paid account,you can get:

Share your results
Easily share reports with clients and colleagues

Live Reporting
See where the clicks are on your pages, in real time

For more information on how to use this option and to start using it,feel free to go here...

p/s:This isn't a sponsored review OK...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Stumbleupon.Com - the easisest way to share your interest...

You have found the best article or picture or video or even about yourself but don't know where to share and with whom you want to share it.

So,i can give you free advice.Free solution and what you do to pay this free advice?Just read this whole article.

Stumbleupon.Com is the solution i mention before.Stumbleupon.Com provide you the convenient for sharing your discovery.With a few click,your finding can be read by anyone else.

What is StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 2,110,487 other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like,automatically shares them with like-minded people – and helps you discover great sites your friends recommend.

How Does it Work?
StumbleUpon uses ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. When you stumble, you will only see pages which friends and like-minded stumblers have recommended. This helps you discover great content you probably wouldn't find using a search engine.

For StumbleUpon your discovery in one click,just install this toolbar.This is an addon for Mozilla.

For more information and to sign up,feel free to visit this link...

Iloveasian.Blogspot - free Jdrama,Kdrama,Jmovie and Kmovie download...

Before this,i have posted two article about website where it serve free download for korean and japanese drama or movie download for free.

Previous post:
Silentregretscom-kdrama,jdrama,kmovie and jmovie

Then,while i surfing through the internet.Suddenly i found blog at blogspot that offer the same download,free download for korean and japanese drama also movie.

Beside offer free korean and japanese stuff,it also offer free thai movie download.There are a lot stuff you can download for free.

List of available drama and movie???

List of the drama for 2006:

2006/07 Duelist [2005] (Korean-English sub) [xvid format]
2006/07 My Tutor Friend (Korean - English sub)
2006/07 The Myth (English Subtitle)
2006/07 Sex and the Beauties (Chinese-English sub)
2006/07 He was cool (Korean - English sub)
2006/07 Everybody Has Secrets (Korean)
2006/07 My Boyfriend is Type-B (Korean)
2006/07 Almost Love (English sub)
2006/07 The legend of seven cutter (2005) (Korea)
2006/07 A Millionaire's First Love - A must see movie
2006/07 Set to kill ( Korean - English sub)
2006/07 My Boss, My Hero

2006/08 The Grudge 2 ( Ju-On 2) (Japanese with English sub)
2006/08 Ing - Korean with English subtitle
2006/08 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (Korean with English sub)
2006/08 Jackie Chan - Wong Fei Hung (from Mulan)
2006/08 Jisatsu saakuru - Suicide Circle (Japanese - English sub)
2006/08 Whispering Corridors 4
2006/08 The Uninvited (Korean with English sub)
2006/08 Kung Fu Hustle (English DVD-Rip)
2006/08 My Scary Girl (Korean with English Sub)
2006/08 Shaolin Soccer (A must see HK movie with Stephen Chow - DVD Rip)
2006/08 Dragon Squad (Hong Kong - English sub)
2006/08 Sex is Zero (Korean - English sub)

2006/09 Lovely Rivals, 'Yeoseonsaeng VS Yeojeja' (2004) [Korean with English sub]
2006/09 The Art of Seduction (Korean with English subtitle)
2006/09 Typhoon (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/09 Windstruck - Korean with English subtitle
2006/09 Gorgeous - Jackie Chan (Hong Kong with English subtitle)
2006/09 Autumn in my Heart
2006/09 Wet Dream (Korean with English sub)
2006/09 A Chinese Tall Story (Chinese with English subtitle)
2006/09 Shinobi (DVD Rip with English sub)

2006/10 Yoyo Girl Cop (Japanese with English subtitle)
2006/10 My Teacher - To stir, with love (K-movie with English subtitle)
2006/10 Jackie Chan:Twin Dragons
2006/10 House of Fury (Hong Kong with English subtitle)

2006/11 Azumi I (Japanese action movie with English sub)
2006/11 Suprise (Korean movie with English Hardsubbed)
2006/11 You are my sunshine (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Temptation of Wolves (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 R-Point (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Fighter in the wind (Korean movie with English sub)
2006/11 Dead of Alive 2 - Tobosha (Japanese movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Dead Or Alive aka Hanzaisha (Japanese movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Naked weapon (Hong Kong movie with English audio)
2006/11 Drag Racing - A real "Fast and Furious"
2006/11 Hinokio - Inter Galactic Love (J-movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Mr. Wacky (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/11 Attack The Gas Station (K-movie with English subtitle - Funny movie)

2006/12 Holy Daddy (Korean movie)
2006/12 Spring Bears Love (Korean movie)
2006/12 Love Battlefield (Hong Kong movie)
2006/12 A moment to remember (K-movie)
2006/12 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
2006/12 Saving my hubby (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Nana (Japanese movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 When romance meets destiny (Korean movie with English sub)
2006/12 The Shopaholics (Chinese movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 My Little Bride (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Chemidol (Pet Cancer Remedy)
2006/12 Wet Dream 2 (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Dragon Tiger Gate (Hong Kong martial arts movie with English hardsub)
2006/12 Love Letter (Korean drama with English hardsubbed)
2006/12 Dating a vampire (Hong Kong movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Two guys (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Men suddenly in black (Taiwanese movie with English subtitile)
2006/12 Arahan (Korean martial art movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Fly High (Korean movie with English subtitle)
2006/12 Infernal Affairs (Chinese movie with English sub)
2006/12 Azumi 2 - Death or Love (Martial art Japanese movie with English sub)

For more available download movie and drama,just go to the website.Click here...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Agloco Breaking News! - for members only!

My waiting for a month finally come to the end.For all agloco users,your time has arrived.The agloco viewbar is finally released.For those who are doesn't know what is agloco,you can read this article about agloco and take an action!!!Or,simply go here.Please be hurry or you will late...

For agloco user,here is the news directly taken from agloco blog...

April is upon us, and as we have mentioned previously on this blog, the Viewbar is slated for release this month. We will be sending an email directly to each Member when their account is authorized for Viewbar download with more detailed information regarding the software release. Here are a few initial details:

The Download Process: As we have discussed, we will be releasing the Viewbar first to Members who joined first. Currently, the plan is to have the Viewbar first be available to Members with ID#s beginning in BBBB to BBBF (as well as Members with an ID# beginning in “AGLO”). This is about 50,000 Members. We will then continue releasing the Viewbar to more and more Members in the order in which they signed up (again, all Members will be notified by email when their account is authorized for Viewbar download).

Multiple Users on One Viewbar: As stated previously, multiple Members may use the same Viewbar on the same computer. Only one Viewbar download will be necessary as the Viewbar software will enable each Member to log in and log out using their AGLOCO Member ID# and password (obviously, only one Member ID# can be accumulating Viewbar hours at any one time).

Initial Launch for Windows: The initial Viewbar release will be for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000. Later, we will release Mac and Linux versions of the Viewbar. Until that occurs, Mac/Linux users can still log onto any supported Windows computer and accumulate their five hours. Hopefully, five hours a month (about 10 minutes a day on average) on a Windows-based computer can be manageable until the Mac version can be released.

Seamless Updates: The v1.0 Viewbar is purposely simplistic and minimalist, but it also comes equipped with an automatic self-updating feature. Once you download the Viewbar for the first time, your Viewbar will be seamlessly updated with new additions and features as they become available.

Revenue and Ad Deals: As a member of the revenue team, I am happy to report that we now have agreements with 17 ad networks. These agreements plus some direct advertising deals provide AGLOCO with thousands of advertisers with thousands of ads for the Viewbar software.

Also, AGLOCO had a record day of new Member signups yesterday – just wanted to thank all for you who have been supporting AGLOCO with your continued recruiting efforts.

We’re about to launch! I am very excited, I hope you are too.

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team

Good job Brian,thanks a lot...

Want to know what it is going on?Please go here...

For those who has own agloco viewbar,can you post me the screen shots by providing a link of uploaded picture at comment?Thanks guys...

April Fool - just a joking...

Yeah,i know it is already 1 april.Day of joke,all way round is about joking.The internet gigantic such as google and other,has their own joke.

Google,make a joke about Gmail Paper,google TiSP and also google calendar.Want to know the list of april fool?Go to this foolish link:

Source from Wikipedia...

Fun with Text-Link-Ads...

For text-link-ads user,you can try this two free tools.The free tools below will provide you with valuable information about the value of your blog or website, and it's popularity in relation to similar sites.Have fun!!!

Or go to this free tools link...

For those who are not joining yet,feel free to hit the banner...

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Text-Link-Ads.Com - sell text-link-ads on your site...

Before this,i have wrote an article about google adsense.One way for you to generate money by blogging.Beside adsense,there is other path for you to choose.And for that reason,you can choose to sell text-link-ads on your blog or website.

About Text Link Ads

Located in New York City, Text Link Ads is the premier targeted traffic and link popularity ad firm. We specialize in placing static html links on high quality, high traffic web properties. Our clients have seen a dramatic increase in targeted traffic, brand exposure, and organic search engine rankings with our service. We currently work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 firms to individual website owners.

Text Link Ads was co-founded by Patrick Gavin and Bill Fish. Patrick is a search marketing expert and speaker at industry leading conferences including Search Engine Strategies and Webmasterworld Conferences.

Our cutting edge strategy is guided by our in house staff consisting of some of the brightest minds in the search space. Text Link Ads is a member of the Better Business Bureau and also a circle member of SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization). We have been featured in many articles and interviews and we are experts in our industry.

Before you can be eligible to display Text Link Ads,you need to register and it's free.For registering,you can go here.After your application have been approved by the administrator,you can start to submit you website or blog.According to them,they can take 24 hour to your site to be approved.

For those who are not eligible to display Text Link Ads,you can participate in affiliate program by setting up a banner or text link referring traffic back to Text Link Ads. Any referred traffic that results in a new paid client or new publisher will earn you $25.00.They claim that their top affiliates are making over $1,000.00 per month. The amount you can make depends upon the quality of the traffic you refer to TLA.

For joining or to make you clear with the program,you can just go here.Feel free to visit them.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Technorati.Com - the best blog search engine...

The two famous search engine,google and yahoo offer a search engine for blog.But,please don't forget this other blog search engine Technorati.Com.I believe,most of you know and familiar with Technorati but i want to write a review of this site as my appreciation for using it's free utility.According to wikipedia,Technorati.Com is an Internet search engine for searching blogs and as of March 2007, Technorati indexes over 70 million weblogs...

Beside offer a finder of blogs,there are also provide other useful tools such as Blogger Tools,Blog Searching,Your Favorites,Get Favorited,Pinging,Tagging and What's Hot.For futher information about it's tools,please go here.

Before you can use all of this tools,kindly please register first using this link.

Adsblacklist.Com - free tools for filtering your low ppc ads...

I believe,most of the people who are blogging.They generate their income by using google adsense.Yeah,adsense is the famous money making machine for blogger community instead of other machine.And you also know,to make a lot of money using this adsense.You have to write good blog or web niche.You should maintain your good blog or web niche constantly.By doing that,you will get high pay-per-click adsense ads but maybe you want to try another way beside write good niche article or want to add more option to get high ppc.The easiest way is by blocking the low ppc ads using Adsblacklist.Com...

What is AdSense?
Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for webmasters (of all sizes) to display relevant contextual ads on their website's content pages and to earn money. Because the ads are related to what your visitors are looking for on your site or matched to the characteristics and interests of the visitors your content attracts you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages.

It's also a way for website publishers to provide Google web and site search to their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.

What is purpose of AdsBlackList? is an unique project and it's purpose is to enable you to maximize your AdSense revenue with minimal effort. How? Very simple. By providing you with list of most commonly filtered websites whose webmasters use AdWords to attract visitors for low price click so they can convert it to high price click on their own MFA (Made for AdSense) or Low Cost per Click site(s). In order to STOP these type of actions going on through your sites, all you need to do is to paste our custom generated list to your AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter list. Your revenue should substantially increase.

What you need is just add your blog or web url then keyword.Hit the Get Black List.In a few second (or minute,according how long is your keyword),you will get the list of low ppc ads.Copy the list and paste it at your Competitive Ads Filter in adsense account setting.

Then wait for this list working.Maybe it,take times for generate high ppc ads.To know how it is working,feel free to go to this website and try it for satisfaction...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Picasa Web Album - free online web album...

Recently,google has released a lot of tools for user.Of course it is a good news for user.Beside a very famous search engine,google also offer free online web album.You can upload your image to the internet easily and also share it with your friend with google web album.For blogger who upload their image to be used in the blogspot article,they image has been included in a web album of this picasa web album automatically.You also have a huge size of image hosting of free picasa web album up to 1GB,so don't waste it.

All you need is just a free picasa software from google for those who are want to upload their image straightly to picasa web album.

Picasa web album features:
Picasa Web Albums data API,Share photo albums in your instant messages,Search community photos,More free storage,Link to this album or photo,View Blogger photos,Anyone can upload videos using Picasa,Order prints and photo products,Now available in 18 additional languagesPicasa Web Albums now works in the following languages:English (UK), English (US), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.Anyone can now try Picasa Web Albums,Email notifications,Link to your friends and alsoUse your Mac to upload photos.

You can go here for further information...

Copyscape.Com - free search engine for detecting plagiarism...

Writing an article for blog or website content is not easy as people think.For me,i need do some research or i must be familiar with the website or blog i write a review about.So,i need read it about,faq,blog and others.But for some people,they take a short path copy paste other blog or website content.For me,you can do that as long as you state where do you get that article.So,how to detect your article from other copyscape writer?Here is your solution...

Copyscape.Com is a free search engine that allow you to search you article that have been copied by other writer.Copyscape.Com has two account of search,free account and premium account.For free account,you can do up to 20 search a month and up to 10 result of your search.While for premium account,you can o more.

What is Copyscape?

Copyscape is the leading solution on the web for detecting online plagiarism. Copyscape lets you easily identify sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those who are quoting your site.

What is Copyscape used for?

You can use Copyscape to protect your corporate website, online publication, blog, marketing materials, or any other online materials which are valuable to you. Read these testimonials to learn how others are using Copyscape to meet their needs.

How do I use Copyscape?

The free Copyscape service is very easy to use. Simply enter your web address and Copyscape will instantly scan the entire Web for copies of your content. Copyscape shows you the top results for your search, and you can also click on a result to see a word-by-word comparison with the content on your site.

For other information about this service and want to give a try,please visit this website...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

MyBlogLog.Com - Create the connection between readers and publishers...

MyBlogLog.Com,has create a link between readers and,far it's working.MyBlogLog.Com is a free website you can use to create a connection between you as a reader of your favorite blog/website or as a publisher of adorable blog/website.

When ever people see your profile at MyBlogLog.Com,they can instantly ask for connection but you take the action.Weather to approve it or reject it.Beside that,you can create a community of your website or blog. isn't just offer that function but they are also make widgets for you to use without worrying to pay any bucks.All you need to do is just install it's script in your template and this widget will track who is the member of MyBlogLog.Com that has pay a visit to you.This widget also can track how much your link is clicked by the visitor.

And i have one too,awqi_zar community...

About MyBlogLog

You probably know a ton about your favorite bloggers - what they think about the subjects they write about, maybe some of their work and life history... you may even know what toothpaste they use. But how much do you know about all the other people who read their blogs? And how much do they know about you?

For all this talk of a global conversation throughout the blogosphere, there's a lot to be desired. It's a two-tiered system, with bloggers talking amongst each other and the majority of the readers looking on from the fringes. You may get to call out something from the sidelines by leaving a comment, but things could be so much better. For everyone.

MyBlogLog is launching this new Communities service to empower authors and readers to operate at the same level. For the first time, everyone who reads a web site or blog can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level.

Readers can become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. See what else they're reading. Check out their MySpace and Friendster profiles and view their Flickr photostreams. Authors can learn more about their readers individually and as a group. What do they like and what are they ignoring? What are they reading elsewhere on the Web?

MyBlogLog enables you to take advantage of your existing presence on the Web and ties it into communities of like-minded readers and authors to add context to the conversations in which you take part.

Monday, March 26, 2007

FeedBurner.Com - The best free RSS feed for me...

Well,i don't know actually what it is all about RSS.So,i make some research with Wikipedia.Com.

RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

Users of RSS content use programs called feed "readers" or "aggregators:" the user subscribes to a feed by supplying to his or her reader a link to the feed; the reader can then check the user's subscribed feeds to see if any of those feeds have new content since the last time it checked, and if so, retrieve that content and present it to the user.

The initials "RSS" are variously used to refer to the following standards:

* Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)
* Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0)
* RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0)

RSS formats are specified in XML (a generic specification for data formats). RSS delivers its information as an XML file called an "RSS feed," "webfeed," "RSS stream," or "RSS channel".

What is about FeedBurner.Com???

About FeedBurner
FeedBurner is the leading provider of media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Our Web-based tools help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.
FeedBurner also offers the largest feed and blog advertising network that brings together an unprecedented caliber of content aggregated from the world’s most recognized media companies (e.g. Wall Street Journal Online, Wired News, Ziff Davis), A-list bloggers and blog networks and individual publishers from around the world.

Why i choose this burner?
For me, offer me a lot of tools needed for a webmaster or at least as a blogger.Beside manage your feeder,you can also analyze,optimize and publicize your feed.There are a lot of options you can use to optimize your blog.

For analyze,you can track your site statistics of visitor,page,inbound and outbound links.Then,you can optimize it by making it browser friendly,smart feed,feed flare and many more.Also,you can publicize your feed by headline animator,feed count, e-mail subscription and other.

See,there are a lot of opt-in you can use with your website and blog.The important thing is,you can get all of this service for free.But you have some money,you can upgrade it to pro and see it changing.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

MyLot.Com - the best forum you can post,reply,comment and earn...

As usual as i always do,surfing through the undefined internet boarder until i find something interesting or something make me stunned.Therefore,i unexpectedly found this MyLot.Com.The forum where you can ask,post reply,post a comment and finally you can earn some goodies for your work.In this MyLot.Com,you can ask anything but not the inappropriate question okay.And also,please do not spam this forum.The webmaster has take an option to prevent spamming but not allowing you to cut-paste any paragraph of any article unless you have achieved 100post.Asking for money?

What is myLot?
myLot is a unique and fun online community filled with members from all over the world discussing topics of everyday life. myLot is a place where members can discuss whatever is on their mind. Whether you want to discuss sports, ask a question on how to find a job, get advice on dating, or just want to talk about what is bothering you, myLot is here for you!

myLot has many outstanding features. The following are just a few:
  • We disclose only the member’s username and country in which the member currently lives in. We do not disclose any of the member’s personal information; allowing members to remain anonymous to all other users.
  • We provide each member with myLot Mail; giving the member an opportunity to discuss topics privately with members of their choice. (coming soon!)
  • Anyone has the ability to read a discussion, but only members can post a new discussion or respond to an existing discussion. This allows myLot to help maintain a controlled and safe environment.
  • Members have the option to participate in the control and monitoring of what topics are discussed through the abuse reporting system.

For me,if you have a question.You can ask here and within a few minute,you question will be answered the other members.Some reply will answer your question correctly but other,will only write a suggestion or else.But it's useful forum for me until now.If you're very optimize to generate income form the internet,you can try here.In one day,i can earn up to 20cen but you have must be patient.Please do not spam and consider other members.Beside post a reply,you can earn by uploading an image that is related to the specific topic.

The important thing for me is,other members is very helpful.Although they don't know the answer of your question,they will some suggestion for you.And also,you can a new friend.

For further information,feel free to follow this link.