Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Populair.Eu - One page for all information.

Wanna know a web page listed the best link of websites, blogs, rsses or search engines that give you the source of information?Yes, one web page and all links for your knowledge!Crazy huh?

No, it's for real guys. Populair.eu is a website give you all links you need to feed your geeky mind. But don't overload your mind with those links or you will become crazy too as they said:

'Where do you get all those cool crazy hot fresh new links from?'
From this page, you can get the latest news, videos, gadgets, post, blog, weblog and all of thing you wanna know in only a single web page.

What Populair.eu offers you?

This is what they listed :
  • Buzzing Bookmarks
  • Search engines, Counter and Link directories
  • How and Why Gadgets
  • Top list sites
  • Hot and popular Videoz
  • News, Stories, Smalltalk
  • Vibrating Feed Nodes
  • Online Friends
  • Blogs that start Buzzing
  • Books and papers
  • Wuzzing Weblog posts and Wiezing Weblogs
  • Also interesting

Monday, July 30, 2007

Flvix.Com - Online video converter.

Ok, have you tried vixy.net in my last post. Have comments and want to share other website that offer the same function as vixy do?Feel free to do it and i trult appreciate.

Flvix.com is the other service as vixy.net, offer the same function as vixy.net. I thinks, it's clone of vixt.net(in it's concept). It's good for us right?Having a various of choice.

How to use it as flvix recommend:
  1. Copy the link of the page with the video on it and paste it in the textbox bellow.
  2. Choose desired format : AVI(windows), MOV(mac), MP4(mobile), 3GP(iPod,PSP), MP3(audio).
  3. Click Convert button.
  4. Download the converted file.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Vixy.Net - Online Youtube .flv video format converter.

Nowadays, everything is online. From send an electronic mail to your friend till control your desktop from the other place through remote desktop application, these you can do it online. There are a lot of applications enable you to do this that help us to make our life more easier.

We are always watch online video at youtube. You watch an interesting video, the cool one or make you heart beat fast than usual. And something come to your mind, how can i download and play that video but your pc or laptop doesn't have any
software to do it. You really want to keep it! But how?

So, here is your solution. Why not convert that video online to playable format and download it to your hard disk. Vixy.net can do those thing for you! It's quite easy. Copy your youtube url than open vixy.net. Paste your url at the blank box then press start. Before that, make sure you have set what type of video format you want. Currently, vixy.net allow you to convert online video from *.flv format to avi, mov, mp4 or 3gp and also, audio format *.mp3. Very simple huh?

About this service:

This service allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. It is using a compressed domain transcoder technology (outline in Japanese). It converts FLV to MPEG4 faster and less lossy than a typical transcoder.

When you submit an url, it will download and convert to the video format. Then you can download the converted file.

FLV to MPEG4 Conveter engine is now OpenSource. You can download the source code via subversion: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=183657

For Windows users: Please install DivX to play DivX AVI.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The come back...

After almost 3 months i haven't post any writing or reply any comment, this is my first post. Sorry for not being able to update this blog, sorry for not being able to reply any comments.

What i have done in this few month? Huhu..I am a university student and almost graduate, i have 2 semester yet. So in the last 2 month, i did my practical. It is quite boring but i have to do this crap because it will be counted into my pointer. Then do the report and give thepresentation about my practical. Finally, i have finished it.

And what i do in the remain of 1 month? Huhu..Registering my ip address to get the internet connection and waiting for 2 weeks. Today, i get the connection!(Well, after i emailed the problem with my LAN connection to the staff)

So, today and coming the present day. I will try to frequently update this blog. Please supporting me guys. Thanks a lots...