Thursday, August 16, 2007

Proton-WBF World Championships 2007

Chong Wei against Eric Pang. Chong Wei won 21-7, 21-11.

The World Championships is the main individual tournament in the Badminton World Federation's annual calendar. It offers sponsors an association with an exciting and popular sport and extensive exposure worldwide through television and media coverage. Badminton is a very television friendly sport as viewers can follow the pace and action of the game clearly. Venues are also visually attractive on television as the Badminton World Federation has introduced strict rules and guidelines on the colour scheme of court settings and players apparel.

The story of WBF World Championships
History of badminton in Malaysia
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[via Proton-WBF World Championships 2007 official website]

For the live results and score, you can go to this website.and for the up-to-date news about the championships, you can visit here.

Schedule of the tournament:

Monday 13 August 2007
1st Round
1 9:00AM
2 2:00PM
3 6:00PM

Tuesday 14 August 2007
1st Round
1 9:00AM
2 2:00PM
3 6:00PM

Wednesday 15 August 2007
2nd Round
1 9:00AM
2 6:00PM

Thursday 16 August 2007
3rd Round
1 12:00PM
2 6:00PM

Friday 17 August 2007
Quarter Finals 3:00PM

Saturday 18 August 2007
Semi Finals 2:00PM

Friday 19 August 2007
Finals 2:00PM

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