Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jackbook.Com - wordpress-based templates for blogger.

Are searching for a new template?Template that wordpress user used but don't find it until today.As all know, wordpress has a lot of beautiful theme and of course we envy them very much right.

But not until now, you can used their theme also in blogger.At, you will find the latest and famous only theme of wordpress.Beside theme, they also have many hack to make your blogger blog more likely as wordpress one.

Such as comment just under your post not like usual blogger comment, that pop-up comment and put your relevant post just under your post also.Actually, there are more hacks in this website.Maybe you will stick to that web till the end, i don't know.

This blog used theme made by Malaysian blogger and converted by jackbook.Maybe i will use this template for a long time.So go to jackbook and get your new based-wordpress theme.

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