Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The come back...

After almost 3 months i haven't post any writing or reply any comment, this is my first post. Sorry for not being able to update this blog, sorry for not being able to reply any comments.

What i have done in this few month? Huhu..I am a university student and almost graduate, i have 2 semester yet. So in the last 2 month, i did my practical. It is quite boring but i have to do this crap because it will be counted into my pointer. Then do the report and give thepresentation about my practical. Finally, i have finished it.

And what i do in the remain of 1 month? Huhu..Registering my ip address to get the internet connection and waiting for 2 weeks. Today, i get the connection!(Well, after i emailed the problem with my LAN connection to the staff)

So, today and coming the present day. I will try to frequently update this blog. Please supporting me guys. Thanks a lots...

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