Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Populair.Eu - One page for all information.

Wanna know a web page listed the best link of websites, blogs, rsses or search engines that give you the source of information?Yes, one web page and all links for your knowledge!Crazy huh?

No, it's for real guys. Populair.eu is a website give you all links you need to feed your geeky mind. But don't overload your mind with those links or you will become crazy too as they said:

'Where do you get all those cool crazy hot fresh new links from?'
From this page, you can get the latest news, videos, gadgets, post, blog, weblog and all of thing you wanna know in only a single web page.

What Populair.eu offers you?

This is what they listed :
  • Buzzing Bookmarks
  • Search engines, Counter and Link directories
  • How and Why Gadgets
  • Top list sites
  • Hot and popular Videoz
  • News, Stories, Smalltalk
  • Vibrating Feed Nodes
  • Online Friends
  • Blogs that start Buzzing
  • Books and papers
  • Wuzzing Weblog posts and Wiezing Weblogs
  • Also interesting

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