Monday, April 09, 2007

Crazyegg.Com - a website that tracking...

You have a lot of blog or single one blog or website.And,you use your website to generate money from it.But,you earn a small amount of revenue.So what you do?You should make some improvement to your site,i guess so.

But,how can you make those thing without knowing what type of improvement you should do.One of the main subject you should know is,what are people click on you website?Where is the high click on the page receive higher click than the other?

So,what website offer you such option?Don't know?I'll tell but please don't tell anyone.LOL.Crazyegg.Com is the website has option to track the click you receive form your website easily.By knowing the click you receive,you can evaluate the result and make some improvement with it.It's easy for to get this service and it's free.Just sign up for using Crazyegg.Com...

What can Crazyegg.Com do for you?

Test different versions of a page to see which works better
Discover which ad placement gives the best results
Find out which design encourages visitors to click deeper
Learn which content leads to improved sales

Test Setup
Create a test so you can learn what visitors are doing on your page

Prevent the tracking of your own clicks

A simple way to view your results and see what happened

RSS and Email Notifications
Keep yourself updated on how your tests are doing

Learn more about the clicks on each element of your page

Get a detailed summary of your click data in a single view

Automatically archived reports
Test results are automatically saved so you can view them later

That are what you get for free account.For paid account,you can get:

Share your results
Easily share reports with clients and colleagues

Live Reporting
See where the clicks are on your pages, in real time

For more information on how to use this option and to start using it,feel free to go here...

p/s:This isn't a sponsored review OK...

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