Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pikipimp.Com - add some'thing' to your face...

Do you have camera?Old one or modern one,i don't care as long as it's camera.And you have a lot of picture taken with you camera but your picture is just simple,with no graphic.Of course you want to add some graphic but you don't know how to you photoshop or others photo editing software.

But,you still want some graphic to your picture!So,why not to try Pikipimp.Com.Website that enable you to add some blings,text,glitter and animation to your picture especially your cute or handsome face.Pikipimp.Com allow you to add some graphic to your picture and edit it online!So,you don't need to install any single software to your pc.

How to use those thing?

It's free to use this option but if you register,you will get member benefit.
Why would you become a member?

Its Free and Easy!

You can easily become a member by entering your email address and choosing a password.

As a member you can :
* Store and edit images previously uploaded
* Vote for your favourite pimped pik
* Add comments about other peoples pimped piks
* Create a profile

For more information,you can directly go here.

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