Thursday, April 12, 2007

Snap Preview Anywhere Extreme MakeOver Contest Winners Announced!

My last post about or snap preview anywhere is at February 28 and now it's already April 12,about a month ago.A wrote an article about a contest held by,extreme makeover contest.

And a got an e-mail while ago announced who is the winner of the extreme-makeover-contest.But i have no luck,i didn't get any prize.

When i read the winner suggestion,they have a good idea to make snap become more useful to the blogger or webmaster.The winner is the person who get the highest vote from the other participants.

Response to the Snap Preview Anywhere Extreme MakeOver Contest far exceeded all expectations—nearly 500 ideas, 1000 votes, and 400 comments.

But,they also two contestant who are cheating in this program.And their participation has been canceled by the admin.

And the winners aren’t…

Two contestants tried to cheat the system by registering multiple email accounts and voting for their own ideas repeatedly. It was pretty obvious. We did what we had to and disqualified them. Which is a shame, because their ideas were among the best received.

You can go here to check weather you are the winner or not.For the winner,congratulation...

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