Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blinklist.Com - Blink your web/blog list not blink-blink $...

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Do you have a hundred or thousand good and useful web/blog for you and everyone.But until now,don't know where you can put in,where to share and where to promote.I believe,you don't want to promote it using e-mail or YM.So,here is the deal.Just use one button and your favorite web/blog has been shared. is a social bookmarking.In one button you can Make lists & share with others! Or keep em' private.Save websites for reference, research, or for fun!Read those sites later! When you have the time.Have them appear in your links on your blog instantly!

How Does it Work?
We give you a special button - to "Blink" the websites you find interesting...
We give you your own website, with all your Blinks. Access them from anywhere!
We give you simple tools to sort, describe, and search for your Blinks, as well as share them...
See what other people are Blinking! Make friends, meet experts... discover great Blinks!

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