Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Url.Com - search with many...

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Want to make appropriate searching for assignment,writing or else but you only have limited time to do so.Why not use a search engine that have 3 or more popular search engine in the world of internet.It's like you use 3 in 1 search engine and you will save your time...

Url.Com is the search engine website offer 3 in 1 search mechanism in the same time.This website use the search engine from google,yahoo and also msn.When you hit search button,the result will be generated from this 3 main search engine.

URL.com is a searching community.
We use a "bionic search engine" that lets us collaborate and to improve upon a foundation of search results gathered from the best web search engines, including Yahoo!, MSN, and Google.
Url.com is a social experiment.

We are learning about new ways to collaborate using web search. How can our way of searching with many (many people, many engines) provide a better search experience? Can we make results more trustworthy, more relevant, more fun, or more rewarding? Can searching together make us more helpful people overall?

We search with many

We search together

We may never search alone...

Other features:
* Bionic search feature
* Bull's eye feature
* Voting feature

Why not to try this new search engine and look weather it solve your problem or else...

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