Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Flixya.Com - Money By Video Sharing...

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In my last post, i have told you about thevideosense.com.The video-sharing program that can generate money using google adsense account.Now,i'll introduce you another website that offer video-sharing program that can generate money too by using it.

Flixya.com is the website that i mention it to you right now.this website use the same method as thevideosense.com but it's more convenient than thevideosense because it has toolbar that can be used to submit your video either than to submit the video using your account setting.To install it's toolbar you have to use firefox.

What is Flixya?

Flixya is a video sharing community where users can share videos from youtube, google video, daily motion, and other video sharing sites. Unlike many of the larger video sharing sites, we believe in giving back to our members. Flixya offers a revenue sharing program (requires Google Adsense account) and a rewards program where users can win cool prizes. In addition, Flixya has a unique charity feature, which gives back to the community.

Beside earn money,you will also get point by submit your video and also related picture of the video.7 points for submitting the video and 3 points for picture.

How do I earn points?

There are currently three ways to earn points: 1. Sharing or uploading a video 2. Referring a friend or 3. Posting a comment. Note: Earn a total of 10 points for submitting a video. (7 points for sharing a video and 3 points for uploading the video thumbnail). Your account is ready to earn points once you login.

This points can be converted to cool prizes.So,is it great?Don't waste your time,just sign-up and absolutely it's free to join.For further information,feel free to go here.Wish you luck...

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