Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Digg.Com - Digg your web not your grave...

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Do you write a lot of article about interesting stuff or geek or just an article about yourself,what you like and what you don't like.But still don't know how to share or promote it?So,here is the solution for you.Digg.Com is the Social content website that allow you to share interesting story from your craetive brain without any penny or buck.You can submit your article and be voted by the other people.Is't s o simple right?

What is Digg?
Digg is a user driven social content website. Ok, so what the heck does that mean? Well, everything on Digg is submitted by our community (that would be you). After you submit content, other people read your submission and Digg what they like best. If your story rocks and receives enough Diggs, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of visitors to see.

What can you do as a Digg user? Lots. Every person can digg (help promote), bury (help remove spam), and comment on stories... you can even Digg and bury comments you like or dislike. Digg also allows you to track your friends' activity throughout the site — want to share a video or news story with a friend? Digg it!

How Digg Works:
  • Discover
  • Select
  • Share
  • Discuss

Digg.Com also offer tools for you be more informative.Tools they provide:
Digg Buttons & Badges
Add Digg buttons and badges at your site.
Show Digg News on Your Site
Display Digg stories on your weblog or website.
Integrate Digging in Your Site
Allow your site's visitors to digg your stories from your website, and submit your stories to Digg.
Google IG Module
View Digg recent stories with your personalized Google homepage.
Google Coop Module
Get the Digg articles with your google search.
Enable Video Thumbnails
Enable submissions from your site to display video thumbnails on Digg.

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