Thursday, March 22, 2007

Outpost-Earth.Com - Dynamic Blog Directory...

Is this new look?Of course not,it's Outpost-earth.Com.If phone number have their own directory,phone directory.Blog also have it's directory.And,it's Outpost-earth.Com.Until this article have been written,i believe there is about hundred thousand of blog around this blogosphere or more than i expected.It must be difficult to categorize it according to certain topic and sub-topic.The owner of Outpost-earth.Com has taken an initiative to make a directory of blog.All you have to is,just submit your blog according to your region and topic.After your application have been approved by the Mr. Admin,your blog article will be available on the website's front page with in 15 minute.But mine,with in 5 minute i can see my blog article and my logo...

What is Outpost Earth?
Outpost-Earth is a "Dynamic" directory of the latest updates from bloggers across the web and from around the world. As a visitor you can browse blogs by location or topic to discover what people are talking about in your area. As a member, by adding your own blog, your latest posts will appear across the Outpost-Earth network bringing exposure and traffic to your site.
How Do I Join?
Just simply fill out the join form. We'll need from you a username, email, password, icon and your blog URL. We'll check your blog URL for the presence of a RSS or Atom XML syndication feed link and parse your blog updates throughout the day.
When Will My Posts Appear on The Site?
If you post to your blog, you may not see changes effective immediately on Outpost Earth. Our index of sites is refreshed over the course of every hour, so check back later.

After you have successfully see your blog on the page,feel free to link-back to this website by putting their button on your blog as i do at admin section of this blog...

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